Shekhinah and ProVerb Join Cadbury Dairy Milk to share their stories and inspire orphaned and vulnerable children

Cadbury Dairy Milk has partnered with two award-winning South African stars, singer and songwriter, Shekhinah, and hip-hop artist and TV presenter, ProVerb, to share their inspirational stories with orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa.
Share A Story And Inspire South Africa's Orphaned And Vulnerable Children

Thanks to the outpouring of generosity shown by the South African public, Cadbury Dairy Milk is in the process of distributing over R1-million worth of educational toys, books and games to orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa.
Amplifying the Power of Play

Even though we are experiencing unprecedented times, there is a connectedness and kindness that shines through. Cadbury Dairy Milk recognises this as a ‘spirit of generosity’ and is tapping into this goodness to help give the precious gift of childhood to orphaned and vu...
Join Cadbury Dairy Milk In Giving the Precious Gift of Childhood to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Across SA

The spirit of generosity is alive and well in South Africa. It’s evident in the many selfless acts of kindness, large and small, that we witness people doing on a daily basis. This is the kind of generosity that Cadbury Dairy Milk would like to shine a light on; the need...