Seasonal & Gifting
Gifting is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and when we gift, we want to make sure it’s the perfect gift. The gesture should touch and inspire the person receiving it, without denting the budget too badly.There are so many special occasions and major holidays that prese...

28 March 2018

Cadbury Slabs
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly is encouraging fans to #GetBubblified through the launch of their NEW light-hearted TV Commercial, as well as their NEW playful product packaging.The Bubbly commercial captures a moment in an elevator between a young man and woman - two stranger...

19 March 2018

Seasonal & Gifting
Cadbury Dairy Milk is egg-cited to announce the launch of a special limited-edition Peter Rabbit™ Milk Chocolate Egg with delicious Astros inside. This mouth-watering egg is sure to delight consumers this Easter.

13 March 2018

Cadbury Bars
Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially when you enter a competition and receive an SMS saying, “sorry your entry is not successful”! Before you give up ALL hope, Cadbury is bringing you a little somethin’ somethin’ with guaranteed rewards– BONUS!For a limited time onl...

19 February 2018

Seasonal & Gifting
We live in a world that’s always connected. We send congratulations with a balloon ‘GIF’ on WhatsApp, couples celebrate anniversaries through time-hop stories, and people wish friends ‘Happy Birthday’ by posting on social media.We’ve become so reliant on receiving digita...

2 February 2018

Cadbury Bars
Cadbury Lunch Bar, the number 1 iconic chocolate bar in South Africa, recently made a big donation to Make A Difference Leadership Foundation through their Benefit Auction event hosted in the UK, by donating a unique art piece. This generous donation will assist the foun...

18 January 2018

Cadbury Bars
Four prizes are up for grabs each valued at over R50 000 #SayItWithPS

16 January 2018

Seasonal & Gifting
We have all been there, you are invited to a party and you are told not to bring a thing. Then left feeling somewhat awkward when you actually arrive empty handed!Leaping into the festive season, Cadbury is here to solve this social conundrum with its NEW product, Cadbur...

11 December 2017

Cadbury Bars
Sports is such a big part of South African culture and it brings people together in the best possible way! Throughout the months of August and September 2017, Cadbury Lunch Bar, South Africa’s most iconic chocolate bar, asked fans to bring #MuchMuchMore by donating sport...

8 December 2017

Cadbury Bars
On the 1st August, Cadbury launched the Join the Joy Ride competition, where consumers could stand a chance of winning their very own customised Jeep Wrangler!Thandi Ksanyile was announced earlier this month as the lucky winner of this amazing prize and will soon be the ...

8 December 2017